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Remote Inspection Auditing

Let ITA Group UK guide you through the remote inspection process.

ITA GROUP-UK, is offering Inspection and Auditing Services, through Remote Inspection / Auditing tools, in order to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of Auditing and Inspection results, operated in fully Remote mode.

The ITA Group team uses powers a full range of mobile devices including smart glasses, smartphones, tablets, computers, for a consistent experience, that fits all conditions and possible cases and environments, across an inspection and / or auditing process with remote experts auditors.

ITA Group is emphasizing the use of Smart Glasses. Authorised inspectors and auditors, are following online the data registration and transfer, and they are evaluating the process, through remote monitoring of activities.

Through permanent Wi/Fi connection between the Smart Glasses, to the Data store i-Cloud, the auditing or inspection data, are transferred and saved to the i-Cloud itself.

On the other side (office location), through internet connection again, the inspectors / auditors are also connected to the same i-Cloud store data, so they can fully follow the inspection and / or Auditing process.

In case of interruption of connection, the equipment is registering the process, and once the connection comes back, the inspection data will be upload to the store i-Cloud, in order to download when possible by the Remote Inspector / Auditor, the full range of registered activity.

After the completion of the inspection / auditing process, a report will be issued, for use by the customer, their clients or authorities.