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About Us

About the ITA Group UK

UK ITA GROUP is at the vanguard of the New Food industry, providing expertise worldwide to navigate the requirements of an increasingly regulated food economy and technical services to support the demand for safe food.

We provide complete and continuous world Food safety Regulation consultancy and training to contribute to success towards food safety with smart tools.

UK ITA GROUP assists food, feed, and agricultural companies—from the world’s leading brands to single product local producers—through consultancy, Auditing and technical and testing services and solutions. We provide the knowledge, technologies and tools necessary to meet the growing demand for higher levels of transparency, accountability, safety and sustainability.

Our auditors will put your current food safety system to the test in order to ensure its full compliance also with the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), FSMA and the European food hygiene package.

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Our Executive Staff are involved daily in consulting, training, auditing, researching, and conferencing, both nationally and internationally, to offer the best updated support in line with the latest trends and opportunities with smart tools.

Our team offer a wealth of expertise and insight into pertinent regulatory matters, providing clients with an understanding of best practice applications for regulatory guidance documents and regulations.

Independent Consultants

ITA Group is proud to have a network of over 150 independent Consultants, experts in their respective fields who have joined ITA. Together, this collection of talent enables ITA Group to match consultant expertise to your particular consulting need, offering multilingual regulatory expertise in a variety of locations throughout the world.