Course Description

The main purpose of the course is to provide knowledge on the hygienic and sanitary risks related to food production in order to prevent or reducet hem.

Course Audience

The course aims to provide the principles for cleaning and sanitizing of environments, plants and tools in different food industries. The student will be able to draw up sanitizing plans in relation to the needs of the food industry, choose the appropriate sanitizing and cleaning techniques and assess their effectiveness; help train the food industry workers.

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Course contents

Introduction to hygiene problems in the food industry. Sanitation programs: definitions and benefits. Negative consequences of inadequate sanitation. Laws, regulations and guidelines, for the control of food production, processing and preparation. Main source of biological and non-biological hazards and contaminants in food industry. Microorganisms in foods. Food borne illness. Poisoning, infections. Workers’ personal hygiene and safety. Worker training in sanitation and personal safety.

Fundamental principles and applications essential for food production safety (laws, regulations, systems: HACCP, GMPs, GHPs, SOPs, SSOPs). Hygiene control measures and disinfection methods in food establishments, processing plants and equipments. Monitoring and preventing techniques for the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitizing. Influence of surface and kind of material on the cleaning and sanitizing degree of food processing plants. Cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and food processing plants. Quality management and risk assessment. Cleaning agents; disinfectants; water in food processing; treatment of water for use in cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning and sanitizing practices in the industries of cereals, bakery products, fish, poultry and meat products, vegetable products, dairy products, beverages; basic sanitation practices in other food processing industries.

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